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It got deleted. This is the new one. I don't even know how the old affiliates page worked since zayl-san was the one who set it up... Scuse me, actully I, Kenn, set it up. Post links to our affiliates here I guess....

sc276 here. No worries, Jeshi, I'll provide the linking template:

Shard: If you're gonna make the page at least spell the word right, please... -_-

Jeshi: but it wasn't in spell checker or the dictionary!

< a href="comic URL" target="_blank" >< img src="comic banner" >< br >brief description of comic< /a >

Seperate comics with < BR > and remove spaces.

Can Tails save the colors of GameWorld?!

A peek into the mind of an insane pink kitsune.

Question been buggin' ya? SC knows (nearly) all!

In an alternate universe, only one fox dares to stand up to evil...

Just some random storyline that I thought up to make a Sprite comic, with Anime characters

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