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Since Blahb-kun has MTAF(Multi-tasking and Forgetfulness) and has trouble doing one thing and keep doing it, I AM IN THE SAME ROOM AS HIM AND HE IS WORKING ON COMIC 100!

so I will update with what I see him doing like some sort of blog!

all times EST

1:19pm:he starts getting the sprites
1:21pm: Blahb-kun gets delayed cause of Jeikobu-chan sitting on him he gets a error on his computer, and he is trying to get back on his computer
1:23pm:he keeps saying Busy to get Jeikobu-chan to go away.
1:23pm: he gets back to work.
1:24pm:he says to listen to internet radio and opens up some, but he still continues to save sprites on his computer, Kamaron-san explains internet radio to him and he says he is busy,
1:25pm: he almost stops working but remembers to keep working, I run off to go to the bathroom
1:38pm: I return, it appears that Blahb-kun Puts Future Bluefire into the flash canvas and starts to put in Present Bluefire,
1:40pm: blahb-kun says a idea that he had but would be to creepy and decide's not to do it,
1:41pm: Blahb seem's to be starting on putting in DArk Jeshi,
1:42pm: Kameron trys to get him to go outside and sled but he says he is busy and declines,
1:43pm: Blahb-kun opens up tirgo's sheet, Kameron call's us losers.
1:44pm: Kameron leave's and I get a tabel spot! :D
1:45pm: Blahb-kun say's to type down that he told me to type it down, Look out for easter eggs :D He says Hello Internets lolololololololol
1:47pm: I get called a dork/drawf,
1:48pm:Wezurii trys to steal Blahbs soul via World of warcraft, Blahb says he sold his soul to his laptop,
1:51pm: I give Blahb Ashblood's latest sprite sheet.
1:52pm: Blahb-kun works on the flashy background of the flash even though he is not done with the sprites yet, its fine though,
1:53pm: he works on the Big number 100. he finishes.
1:54pm: he says "now it burns but its awesome!"
1:56pm: Talk of Adamu-kun's Fangirls come's up, everyone Laugh's, Wezurii Give's me his latest sprite sheet,
1:57pm: Blahb complains about the Taylor->shace thing,
1:59pm: Blahb takes a brake by moveing around the old sprite of flameing taylor and makes noise's, Everyone laughs,
2:00pm: he finish's and gets back to work, Blahb checks on the blog and Laugh's at what I typed
2:02pm: He taKEs a drink of water and says 'gulp' after each sip, then says toasty when he finish's, extra careful not to spill it on his laptop, everyone is amazed
2:03pm: He say's toasty as he place's Flame above Shard,
2:05pm: Sc276 is add'd, he starts beat boxing as he does it then says to wright it down,

posted by Jeshi-kun - February 27th, 2007, 1:06 pm


Jeshi-kun, February 27th, 2007, 1:08 pm

2:06pm: he says whoa cause his watch broke and said 1337,
2:07pm: Adamu-kun runs in running from his Rabid fangirls,
2:08pm: Kameron trys to mess up my text.

Jeshi-kun, February 27th, 2007, 1:22 pm

2:09pm: ADAMU distracts Blahb, Red is Add'd, I explain the names I'm using to Kameron,
2:10pm: Kameron wants to be called moleman, so from now on I will call him moleman in this text, for the next minute that is, Evil guy is add'd,
2:11pm: Moleman is Kameron again, Kameron complains, Tirgo's Head is Add'd, Blahb says he is Perfect,
2:12pm: Adamu-kun say's its yummy in his tummy, his fangirls of teeth, and he pretend it never happened,
2:13pm: I get Red and Miles mixed up, but he figure it out, Miles is add'd. Ochan is Add'd
2:14pm: we ponder where bob wen't, Also Ochan has a diffrent shade of white in his sheet, look out for it,
2:15pm: I explain Authortastic's Popularity,
2:16pm: Kameron Offers to make the music for the flash,
2:17pm: Blahb laughs hilariously at a bad Joke, he told me to type that,
2:19pm: Discussion of frame's file size's and Music length,
2:20pm: Adamu-kun Quotes VG cats,
2:22pm: Music and animation Are sperate and both done Transfer of music begins,

Jeshi-kun, February 27th, 2007, 1:31 pm

2:23pm: Blahb Jumps for no reason as he works on Easter eggs, :D
2:24pm: Jumping Stops, Music transfer is done, the Music is starting to be put in,
2:25pm: Jeikobu-chan point's out that Blahb is not in it, Blahb is add'd, His placement is a Really bad pun and inside Joke,
2:26pm: Tanaru comes in and annoys us, then he leaves.
2:28pm: Blahb Plays the music,
2:29pm: Music ends, Music is Fully in the the flash, flash is done, but he still is inserting Easter eggs,
2:30pm: Now I will stop listing stuff to keep the easter eggs a secret until he is done with them,

Jeshi-kun, February 27th, 2007, 1:40 pm

Note: After finding most easter eggs, in order to turn it back you have to refresh the page, do to Lazyness

Jeshi-kun, February 27th, 2007, 1:46 pm


Jeshi-kun, March 9th, 2007, 11:26 pm

.... did anybody even read this?

Winjab95, April 6th, 2007, 12:06 pm

me too

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